if the city is alive, then why isn't Dante tripping every 3rd step?

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Funny, I recently completed Populous: The Beginning.


And there DINO got attacked by wasps, knocked ona small island with a firebolt spell, which then sank into the ocean.
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_Uwye_ posted...

"We in the West tend to be more functional adding things that have meaning and being able to explain that meaning. Why does Dante have white hair? I want to make a little story around that and explain it. And so on for the rest of his design choices."

i think that "little" story got away from him because it seems what happened in DmC is what caused Dante's hair to turn white....

plus, i'd always assume Dante has white hair just like i have black hair... of course, it could also be a symbol for how he can't age like human.
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