Im straight but I gotta say, New Dante is sexier than Old Dante

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Kyrylo posted...
I actually don't care. Some people think DMC has nothing on GoW. so what?

Well, it doesn't. DMC is about a load of anime ladyboys swinging their little swords around. Kratos is a real man!!!
#13smithkakarotPosted 12/9/2012 2:06:24 PM sure went outta your way to assure us you're straight. Are you sure there's something you don't wanna tell us, kiddo?
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I saw Donte kick a blind puppy
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I gotta say, I disagree. I find the old Dante a bit more attractive. I mean, it doesn't matter since they're fictional characters, but all in all I like old Dante more.
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Capitan_Kid posted...
Definitely. The bowl cut look aint cute

To consider either of these men sexy strikes me as incorrect. Brad Pit is sexy. Bill Murray is sexy. Jack Nicholson is Sexy. Both Dante's are average at best.
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Dat Bill Murray.
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Im a dude and I'd tap Bill Murray.
It's Bill ****** Murray, lol
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Well, yeah. Of course New Dante is sexier than Old Dante. Most women usually are.
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FNP88 posted...
Well the haters were saying how he looked like a character from that vampire movie(i can't think of the name off the top of my head), girls were obsessed with those guys. So.....

Honestly i think new dante looks rather average, he just looks like a guy in his early-mid 20s. He just wears a funny jacket, cause that is a trademark. The new one doesn't really look like a junkie, the original reveal kind of did. If you put those two side by side, his design was changed/cleaned up quite a bit.

No, only a small venue of people were saying that. Funny how you 'people' take the more obscure things and place them on the general populace.

BTW, this game is going for the same effect that Twilight did for popularity. Cheap and shallow sexuality.
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