Anyone Forget About The Anime???

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Strelok posted...
Does not know what "weaabo" is

^Knows nothing about fighting games but insinuates that he does. Assumes people on the board are trolls because they have differing opinions. Assumes his own opinions are a god send. Also doesn't know what weeabo means.

Do you eat glue?
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tairaa1991 posted...

I think your keyboard is broken.

For everyone else:

Concerning the Dumb, I have never once, nor will I ever, consider what an american translation says is cannon. For example:

Go to the final fantasy forums, and argue that Aeris is canon over Aerith.
Or go talk to people about how it's pronounced "FENIX DOWN" in some of the earlier games.

Or better yet, go to the hardcore Naruto forums, and ask about BELIEVE IT!.
(Small lesson here: Believe It was added in by the american translators to give him a catch phrase, to be more "up beat" with the audience. He never said that in japanese.)

Sitting here, and trying to use the AMERICAN TRANSLATED Anime as an example for "massive swearing" is as futile as trying to prove to me that the TC is an English Teacher. Go watch fan subs, since the fans seem to have a considerably better idea as to what is actually said (hell, they even give you foot notes giving you different variations, for when it's iffy).

Also, the fact that Donte swear's is irritating, yes, but the other lines are what irritate me:

"YOU DIRTY LITTLE PISS WEASLE!!!!!" <- that being the cleanest line.

So, like I said, take your "Damnit" and shove them, when your little fanboy's are obsessing over your casual game that consist of large amounts of obscene vulgarity. From EVERYONE. But hey, I'd probably be too busy to notice that too if I was blowing Tameen that much.

Final note: Telling the real DMC fans that we should "Buy the game before complaining".
Seriously? Is that your last resort? Try and egg someone one to give Ninja Theory money to make more of this crap?

If I -do- play this steaming pile, it will be because one of my few friends bought it, and I borrowed it (since not everyone in my circle is hellbent on burning down NT)

Youre acting like a weaboo. If you think fansubs are more accurate then professionally done dubs youre off your rocker. I

Subs are often more true to the original thing than dubs buddy.
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Snipa_Wulf12 posted...
Strelok posted...
Does not know what "weaabo" is

^Knows nothing about fighting games but insinuates that he does. Assumes people on the board are trolls because they have differing opinions. Assumes his own opinions are a god send. Also doesn't know what weeabo means.

Do you eat glue?

Please, because I said that fighting games are combo reliant? Dude, seriously. I don't play fighting games that often (Because I'm not a fan of the genre) but I have played some with friends in the past (especially Mortal Kombat (which had little to no combo potential) and Rival Schools (And I dare you to say that that game has no combo potential. I double dare you), along with some Tekken (Mostly Tekken 3) and Soul Calibur (What can I say, I was given the fourth by a friend) and all of those have amazing combo potential. Seriously, I got combod *without a chance to fight back or even recover* in SC4. Combo starts and BAM, when combo ends I'm dead.

I assume people are trolls because they are clearly trolling, or have admitted to it.

I don't assume my opinions are a god send. I simply form my opinion around facts. If I see a game with a lot of shortcomings, sorry, but I'll call it crap. Hell even as much as I love Torment I can easily see why it wouldn't appeal to a lot of people, it is very dialogue driven, with a lot of puzzles, a LOT of thinking required and combat isn't as deep as... say Baldurs Gate (2), which uses the same engine.

And I know what "weeaboo" means.
I even know where it originated from (Hello PBF, can I spank him for saying weeaboo?)

And no, I never did any stimulant, including sniffing/eating glue. The worst I ever had was when I was so sick I had an entire bottle of coughing syrup. I even stopped taking alcoholic drinks completely (Not even a glass of wine with Christmas). Your comment, dear sir, is infantile.
Stop taking narcotics. </inevitable low blow potshot>

Now go back to your bridge, trolls shouldn't white knight other trolls.
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>in board/forum

oh look at the time.
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He never cursed to the "Shakespearean" degree as in this game.
I am so DAMN pissed at Capcom yet I shell out money like an idiot anyway.
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Are we using the transitive property here? Awesome! So because I like the anime, does that mean I'll like this game? Fantastic! I've been on the fence anyway...
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Capitan_Kid posted...
Subjective. Also when has this Dante shown anger? So far never?

Wait, are you arguing and saying he ISN'T angry? Cuz I think even Tam Tam said in an interview that he was... But who knows, he's just the creator of this Dante and all ;)
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You're forgetting one very basic thing.

The anime sucked and nobody liked it.
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Naichingeru posted...
By that - frankly terrible - logic, Nero also swears in DMC4.

Umm...OK? I thought the problem with cussing is that Dante doesn't do it, not that DMC doesn't have it...