I sincerely hope NT goes out of business for this

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Was not expecting that, lol. I got it when it first released, and was well in my teens.
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wheresatari posted...
WAAAAAAAAA! *teardrop* *sucks pacifier and falls asleep*

I have no remorse for somebody who judges and throws out a game based on trailers. You haven't even played it yet. It may be the best thing you've ever played. Come back when you've at least tried it. Maybe they added some depth to the character that you might love.

...what the heck are you doing with a VG character as your hero anyway? Pick somebody real for that honor.

*sigh* Some gamers these days make me embarrassed to call myself one.

Because fictional characters worked better for childhood heroes than real people

Real people suck, period

I wanted to be like Goku, y'know

Firing lasers and flying around
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If you ask any kid who his hero is, it's either "My dad" or "*insert super hero name here*"

No child answers with actual heroes.
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More like:

This is like a One Pound Hairy Trucker (Ninja Theory), Grab my Childhood and just rape the hell out of it.
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biohazardoud856 posted...
Was not expecting that, lol. I got it when it first released, and was well in my teens.

lol I got it at launch as well (or should I say, my older brother got it). Only thing is that I'm probably younger than you. Born in 92' to be exact.
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Megiddo_Flare posted...
biohazardoud856 posted...
Was not expecting that, lol. I got it when it first released, and was well in my teens.

lol I got it at launch as well (or should I say, my older brother got it). Only thing is that I'm probably younger than you. Born in 92' to be exact.

I'm '94, but the same thing applies. My brother bought it, we both just loved it.
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While I do despise Ninja Theory or Capcom or whoever for trying to change Dante. I don't hope anybody lose their job here. I hate Dino with a passion because he's the epitemy of what I believe is a bad character:
- Cursing so much you actually notice it
- Saying F U more then asked for
- Looking like a teenage douchebag
- Acting like a teenage douchebag
- Makes it apparent that the character is trying to hard to act cool

I'm not gonna lie I gave the demo a chance but didn't like it because of the controls and Dino's attitude. Also that menu screen with the angels... just no. I remember when Capcom tried to make Nero for DMC4 but at least he was sorta like Dante, and was durable unlike this one. So yeah I'm not gonna buy this game and instead stick with Metal Gear Rising for my combo goodness.

On a personal note I do hope Capcom stops pushing this Dante on us so much. If people don't like him, they don't like him, nothing will change their mind. The free necklace, his inclusion in Playstation All-Stars, and the early DLC is like begging almost. Capcom just needs to let whatever happens, happens, it's only them to blame for sales like any developer.
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KaijinSurohm posted...
Capcom hired out Nina Theory to Produce and DEVELOP the game. They are both the producer and developer. The same. With Capcom there as a name.

Now, Capcom PAID Ninja Theory to develop this crap, yes, and it's also true Capcom had the most say in the actual designs of the game. They did not develop the game, they just told them the limits of the gameplay, and denied our original Dante look. The rest, from the graphics, to the combat, to the story, were Ninja Theory.

Now, because of this, yes, Ninja Theory has the money given to them by Capcom to do this, however, they are spending it all to make the game.

If this game fails, Capcom will have no choice but to get a refund from all that they spent, which ususally ends up in a lawsuit, thought it would fail, since Capcom had a hand in it (a small one).

This is just too cute.

1. Capcom is the publisher.
2. Nice ass pull with everything else.
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From: KA_ME_HA_ME_HA | #154
Devil_wings00 posted...
Ya since Dante was TOTALLY the same character between DMC 1 and 2 right? Besides looking the same Dante was a COMPLETELY different character who happened to be called Dante in DmC 2. DMC dante was a wise cracking smart ass while in DMC while he was a near silent EMO in DMC 2. So this is absolutely nothing new for the series to change the character. Now they just changed his character model this time and personality. It's not like Dante was a classic character or anything.

Wait, you're trying to justify a character change by comparing it to a change everyone hated?

That seems counterproductive...

I think what he was getting at is that Dante was already changed before and people hated it, yet they learned to accept it. What I find funny is that people seem to think original Dante was the same throughout the past 4 games, when he had a different personality in each and every game. Everyone's "precious Dante" was essentially 3/4 different characters.The Dante in DmC 3 reminds me so much of this Dante, and I like it. Just because the new one is trying to be "badass/edgy/cool" doesn't make a difference, because that's the same impression the past Dante, especially DmC 3 Dante, gave me.
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Phantom0708 posted...
Yell at me all you want

Call me a hardcore fanboy all you want

I don't give a ****

but they have RUINED the series that I grew up playing. It's like if Nintendo made a more mature LoZ where Link's a druggie and says "Fornicate thou!" to every enemy he comes across

I had hope for this game, I hoped it would live up to be actually good. But after all these trailers, I am done.

They ruined my childhood hero
They ruined my childhood hero's brother

But you know what's icing on the cake? That they try to make this story all "dark" and "edgy" and "shakespearean"

Devil May Cry was all about crazy convoluted story where cheesy badass Dante saves the world from demons
It's not supposed to be edgy
It's supposed to be cheesy
And fun
And Dante's supposed to be the lovable nutjob of a devil hunter

But they just,
They ruined it.

I sincerely pity everyone who will pick the series up from this game, or call the new Dante better, because they never grew up loving the original games, loving the person who WAS Dante. The pizza-loving, strawberry sundae-eating sarcastic and witty protagonist that gave character to the games themselves.

Therefore, Ninja Theory, I hope you are happy, I hope you are happy that all the true fans now hate your guts for ruining someone who they respected.

Sounds to me like you still have some growing up to do my friend. When you're an adult, things like this won't matter.