People who say it's impossible to tell the difference between 30. and 60 fps.

#131NofumasaPosted 12/23/2012 8:42:35 PM
Royal Guard's moves requires precise timing to deflect enemy attacks, or any of the combos you can make in DMC. Have you ever seen a fighting game? Let alone a competitive one? Cars go fast but racing games don't play as fast as fighting games. DMC is plays like a fighting game but as a Hack&Slash. Is it really hard to understand?

I don't get these guys pulling off comparisons with other games... If you want to compare DMC, you can't. That's because it's the only games (and Bayonetta) that's made in that style. The only thing that comes close are fighting games.

lol drifting. Seriously, even Table Hopper is FASTER than that. You seem to have mixed up agility with pure speed. Let's say the car goes really fast. Can it immediately side step, go the other way, then jump in the air? Those cars are locked on into real world physics. Them running on 30fps isn't as much of an issue than in DMC or fighting games. Hell, WHY DO YOU THINK THE OLDER GAMES WERE IN 60FPS? There's your answer.
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