So guys, what's the worst game you've played all year?

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  3. So guys, what's the worst game you've played all year?
4 years ago#111
DmC demo.
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4 years ago#112
4 years ago#113
xenoblade chronicles.

a lot of people love the game, and that's fine, i without the dealbreaking flaws i'd probably love it too.

first up, the graphics are really really bad, the textures are really low res, and there are jaggies and low poly objects. normally graphics isn't a big deal to me, but i know monolith can do so much better, xenosaga on the ps2 was much much cleaner. the overall low quality of the graphics would be more understandable if the large areas had a lot of stuff in them, but while not completely barren, very few areas are filled out.

the menu is terrible. first off, the game takes a bit to load when you pull up the menu, you get a lot of quests,sometimes 5-10 at once. the game doesn't track any of your quests so you have to go fumble with the menu to know what quests you have, how close you are to completing it, and which area it's in.

The game borrows heavily from mmos, and that's fine, i like mmos, but the mmo formula goes to Sh** when you take the online part out. like ff12 you manage your party moreso than actually control them. you can give use special attacks with the character you are contolling, but you can only "equip" a few skills at a time and as far as skills go they severely lack flash. unlike ff12 you can't make scripts for the rest of your party to make them less of a burden and somewhat competent. the party AI is really dumb and i've found myself yelling "heal the F***ing tank" at the screen, while the healer who is only task is to heal, is just not healing, or healing her self cause she ran into AoE.

the animations in the game are really really bad, alot of the gear you find are recolors, the voice acting and dialog is spotty, and repetitive, especially when taking quests. almost every quest is a fetch quest, or kill X, (there are like 300+ quests in the game)
quest npcs sometime only appear at certain times of the day and sometimes end with a different npc at some random time of day. you can't track quests so you have to go into the menu and scroll alll the way down til you find the quest you are looking for, furthermore the details of the quest are sometimes vague, and require frequent trips into the menu to figure out as there are close to no map markers.

tl;dr xenoblade is my choice for worst game i've played this year.
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4 years ago#114
Max Payne 3 is right up there for me.

The controls and gameplay feel like crap for what the game is aiming to be.

Yeah you adjust to the controls but it doesn't prevent it from feeling bad.
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4 years ago#115
4 years ago#116
Phantom_Opera_G posted...
I really don't know what happened to NG3

Im about to finish my combo, oh wait, a cinematic kill just kicked in.

Imma start a comb-, oh, cinematic kill.

Let me try to counte-, oh, another cinematic kill.

Achoo, oh, cinematic kill, let me wipe my nose while i watch then.

Fine, I'll cut this guy in front of me, oh ****ing hell Ryu, why did you randomly turn 180 degrees and cut that tree behind you and not the guy I am targeting?

The lack of weapons isn't even the biggest problem. Who was the genius who thought it was a good idea to map the cinematic kill button to both attack buttons? Who the **** managed to mess up the targeting system that was largely perfect in all 5 previous iterations of the series?
4 years ago#117
Kasumi seems cool in Razor's Edge. Let's hope that Sigma 3 is officially shown soon.
4 years ago#118
More like she is cold, for she is without much clothing.
4 years ago#119
rice_noodles posted...
More like she is cold, for she is without much clothing.

It's either her or Ryu. Who would you rather gets naked?
4 years ago#120
Ryu x Hayate. Let's cross some ninja swords.
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