Bayonetta was only 30 fps too. Don't overreact.

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^Till now I hadn't.
It's a little disappointing. But it doesn't ruin DmC for me.

If I liked it say 88% this rungs it down to about 80.
Theres still two weapons and two guns to add to the movelist so it'll be much more full in the full game.

I'm pretty sure it'll at least be comparable to DMC3 in terms of how much you can do at once.

Yeah, but when you compare it to overall... it's still kind of a downgrade. While the style's weren't on the fly in DMC3, with all of them in mind you still had more options.

Especially after 4, this does seem to be a downgrade...

I'm not trying to ruin DmC for you, just trying to make sure the facts are kept.

I'll admit DMC3 had more overall.
But DmC has more at any given moment.

Even if the combats a downgrade from 4; to me it's still about 10 times as interesting in every other aspect.
I also liked what they tried to do with combat. (Make it more flowing, get rid of the style system which I always found a bit arbitrary. I liked it, but it still felt like a middle man between me and my moves; even when on the fly. The form system is an attempt at streamlining this.)
(I'm too lazy to expand on that full right now >_<)
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So then, DmC is a casual game. Is that it?
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So then, DmC is a casual game. Is that it?

In terms of difficulty in beating the game itself. Eh moreso than before, but just wait; there'll be plenty of people whining about how DmC is too hard.

In overall depth of the combat and potential; I'm gonna say no.
In my restless dreams I see that town...