Only a few days left...are you buying? (POLL)

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  3. Only a few days left...are you buying? (POLL)
2 years ago#1
Purchasing plans? - Results (283 votes)
Not buying at all
45.58% (129 votes)
Buying used after a few weeks
1.41% (4 votes)
Buying used after a few months
6.36% (18 votes)
Buying new but not on release day
6.71% (19 votes)
Buying new on release day
8.83% (25 votes)
22.97% (65 votes)
Still undecided...
8.13% (23 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I am not buying. What about you guys?
Yes I think we`ve got a problem. So much for the afterglow.
2 years ago#2
Mine is pre-ordered.
But that shouldn't really surprise anyone :p
In my restless dreams I see that town...
2 years ago#3
I'm preordered. Both my brother and I are pretty excited for it.
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2 years ago#4
Still nope. Not that that surprises anyone.
2 years ago#5

Nah. I'm gettin' it.
2 years ago#6

my little bro went on a full Devil May Cry 2 - 4 (dont have 1) marathon since winter break. he took in old games he didnt play anymore and traded it all in at GS. since they had the 50% trade in, this was the only time to not blow so much money on game that i am iffy about. we only paid $3 for DMC. i myself have yet to play the demo.
The end is nigh! *continues playing game*
psn: DragunSkullz
2 years ago#7
Not a chance.
2 years ago#8
I'm surprised to see how many people are buying it! I'm buying it new, not on the release date, however.
War:"I never change? **** you! You don't know me!" The Four Horsemen of Apocalypse on Fallout: Tactics
PSN: KujoMackenbarn
2 years ago#9
Will pre order soon.
One who knows nothing can understand nothing - GamerTag: wwinterj/PSN wwinterj
2 years ago#10
Buying it used after a few months.
"The people who hate on Vuvuzela's are the ones who cant play them." -EvilmetalUK By QTx314159 .
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  3. Only a few days left...are you buying? (POLL)

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