DMC2 gunplay vs DmC gunplay.

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  3. DMC2 gunplay vs DmC gunplay.
2 years ago#1
Played through DmC2 again for the finally understood the combat mechanics of pulling different combos.

I think the core to DMC 1 and DMC2 is it's gunplay. I think aside from gunslinger, DMC2 had the best gunplay; emphasized by the guns being overpowered, movement and sound.

Although the game is somewhat weak by top DMC standards; the audio of the Guns and the movement is on point, most notably firing Ebony and Ivory backpeddleing. I love the detail of Dante snapping the guns with the little hop-step.

The guns of DmC (E&I) look and sound terrible. The movement doesn't have any swiftness, and while slowly walking forward, it looks like Ndante has a load in his pants.

Granted every game has it's flaws and DmC's sword play is arguably much better than DMC2's but how on Earth does DMC2's gunplay audio and animations look the best in the series?

I don't think NT paid enough attention to the gunplay details!
2 years ago#2
DMC2 is a shooter game, you don't need to use anything else other than guns, what's so cool about that? to the point you say DMC2 had the best gun play.
2 years ago#3
I;m not in love with the way they made them sound in DmC; and they probably could have used a slight damage boost, but I much prefer their practicality in DmC as opposed to their outright over powerdness in DMC2

In DmC they're useful for chaining, cancelling, charge shots stagger certain enemies, keeping an enemy suspended at desired heights, keeping them level with you in midair for a split second so you can follow up with whatever you choose, the ricoshot can suspend an enemy in the air whilst striking an enemy on the ground, breaking enemy guards, a perfect charge shot going in between harpies is probably the best way to whittle them down quickly.

And that's just E&I :p
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(edited by ShadowZero007)
2 years ago#4
I wish they (nt or capcom) would elaborate gunplay more. I'd like to see some new moves, maybe even gun-only combos, pretty much anything new. DMC3 had best gunslinger moves accompanied with wall-running and surfing with enemies. With DMC4 and DmC they seem to have forgotten gun-play somewhat
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2 years ago#5
I'm not going to comment on the sound effects because that's a personal preference and to be honest, I haven't noticed it that much. When it comes to playing with the guns, I actually quite like them as they are now especially after finding out you can charge drive and ricoshot simultaneously during inverted rainstorm, that's pretty fun to play around with. I think they were intended as ancillary weapons in this game rather than a potential primary weapon and Shadow explained how they are good for that role. Also, I'd rather the guns be a little underpowered than overpowered.
2 years ago#6
I don't want them to be as overpowered like they were in DMC2.

I was stating that I think this is an area that needed much more focus than what DmC delivers. Yes, the game play mechanics are there and but aesthetically, the animations while moving and audio is the worst thing about DmC.

Not so much the guns damage output, but audio and animation wise, DMC2 was on the money, whereas DmC seems to have overlooked the impact the guns have in regard to the series as a whole.

Again I think DMC 1 & 2 core gameplay is with guns.

DMC3 & 4 focused much more on sword play and combos.

DmC- seems to completely focus on swordplay by not focusing on guns to keep enemies airborne but now giving the mechanics to juggle enemies in the air much easier with your swords. In other words, yes, you can use and juggle enemies with guns in DmC but by how they sound, and strafing animations, the level of detail doesn't match the detail of the swordplay.

Gunplay is a huge part of DMC and think DmC may have overlooked the impact of the guns on the series (maybe b/c malice and air juggle mechanics), curious if anyone else felt they got a diminished role?
2 years ago#7
Hades192 posted...
curious if anyone else felt they got a diminished role?

I haven't played DMC2 admittedly but even in DMC4 playing as Nero I thought they weren't all that useful. I didn't do much gunslinging as Dante so I'm not sure about that.
2 years ago#8
DJ_0000 posted...
Hades192 posted...
curious if anyone else felt they got a diminished role?

I haven't played DMC2 admittedly but even in DMC4 playing as Nero I thought they weren't all that useful. I didn't do much gunslinging as Dante so I'm not sure about that.

Nero had an epic charge shot :p
In my restless dreams I see that town...
2 years ago#9
Nero did have a mean Lvl:3 charge shot. I gotta watch the in game demos of the series(idle at the press start screen); because they generally try to highlight the mechanics of the game. I do remember 1 and 2 showed a lot of Gun work and I'm gonna take an educated guess that 3 and 4 are going to try an capture the swordplay more in their respective visual demo.

DmC is heavily influenced by DMC2; just go back a play DMC2 and you'll see a lot of similarities. The combos are manipulated by NOT being "Locked-on" to your enemy, which I think was supossed to be an easier way of doing combos rather than through "timing." The atmosphere is very similar except DmC has Malice and different color scheme.
I think that Istuno is all about DmC after replaying DMC2 because DmC seems to start where DMC2 never really took off. I'm also beginning to think Taneem hasnt made many decisions but is being more or less directed by Capcom, within the capabilities of NT and their use of the Unreal engine.
2 years ago#10
The gun effect and sounds is also what I liked in DMC2, I liked how dante whiplashes the gun everytime he fires. in 3 and 4 E&I literally sounds like pew pew's, it doesn't feel rewarding for me so the only weapons I use are shotgun and spiral w/ royalguard.
sometimes I use artemis when I go with a nevan/artemis/gunslinger combo.
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