possible exercises to help with jump cancelling

#1LancerLigarPosted 1/5/2013 10:50:06 PM
for those of you who may have trouble getting the hit to connect why not try something much simpler than helm splitter cancelling or dop cancelling then work your way up
E&I cancelling a single attack rapidly
[ ] then Δ (firmly press the one button then firmly press the other and work your way to faster speeds)
the start working jump cancel timing buy finding an enemy and jumping on top of them then swing once ( just press Δ once firmly) then jump then repeat until not only do you consistenly stay on top of the enemy but the time between the jump and the swing is very close then try doing it with E&I the jumping. after that try alternating between the swing and E&I.
doing exercises like these will definitly help train you brain for jump cancelling other things

P.S if you have any other exercises you thought of please share them or if you're at a level where none of this helps you please drop some tips or hints to help with other aspects of combat i would love to hear them and i'm sure others would as well.
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