C/D: The reason DMC wrote itself into a wall is...

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Pesmerga255 posted...
I'm still waiting for Capcom to make a card-based game starring Arius.

Don't forget Arius arcanas. Without them, he won't be able to transcend all living things...

Crap like that doesn't interest Dante, but Arius swan song will.
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WingedRegent posted...
Wasn't DMC 2 stated to be 6 months after DMC 1, or has that since been disavowed?

DMC2 takes place last chronologically, in the "far off future". Basically Capcom can squeeze as many games as they want to in before it. They kept it far off until they decide how to tie into it, or carry on from it. Pretty much as others have said: until they decide whether or not it should be canon anymore.

Just replayed/beat it recently (as in maybe 1 hour ago), I'd be alright if they took it out of canon or just kept it a "side story"
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As said before, the only real reason for the messed up order is simply becayse DMC2 sucked, and putting it far in the future is a way to ignore it.

So if we ignore 2, we then have the simple Original Game-> Prequel-> rest of the series.
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