I think this game will be good(not great).

#1StriderOWPosted 1/6/2013 9:07:42 PM
People need to treat this game for what it is. A alternate universe. I don't believe this game will get a part 2 because it seems to me that they are colliding DMC3/1 into one game(story based) which pretty much is what DMC was at least what any real DMC fan cared about story wise. DMC4 is what we get after DMC1 and its unfinished since Capcom practically lied about Nero's origins at the end of the game because they honestly didn't know the route to go with him(Kobayashi said at the end of DMC4 we will know who Nero is...LIAR!). So I will leave this game out even though it has the best combat mechanics out of them all(even going as far as to say the New DmC as well). Capcom isn't completely stupid, they know how Popular the old Dante is and I doubt they will tarnish that.

Anyway, DmC seems to take a step backwards from the combat of DMC4 but the combat still looks good/decent, DmC just has a more "flashier" factor to it. The story seems to be nothing special(which is what NT kept gloating about with their development...). Nothing looks revolutionary or gives off a "wow" factor in this game but it still looks like a fun game but nothing breath taking. I'll wait to buy and play it later on and give it a try or I might get it off steam for free with my steam gift discounts.
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