Jeanne(from bayo) vs DMC Vergil or DmC Vergil.

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I guess we haven't really seen enough from DmC Vergil, but assuming he's about as strong as DmC dante, who do u think would win?

well if the flash back is any indication, DmC dante is stronger than DmC Vergil, since you can see in one of the flash backs that dante is the won who beat vergil in a fight while there were kids while they were in their boxers if I was seeing it correctly
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One of the demons in Bayonetta "Phantasmaraneae" is a magma spider, considering Kamiya made both Bayonetta and DMC1 I don't think it is a coincidence that DMC1 has a magma spider demon named Phantom. This was my primary basis for my comparisons. I took this to mean that Bayonetta demons are at least roughly comparable to DMC demons.

Perhaps. Though I personally think Phantasmaraneae's design was just a very blatant eastern egg for DMC fans. I don't think Kamiya intended for this demons appearance to imply some sort of meaningful similarity in strength and power from the demons in the DMC universe to the demons in the Bayonetta universe.

Also, for the sake of discussion, there's no need to take that comment too seriously. Kamiya feels Bayo would win for the same reason any ordinary man should lose to a woman.

Jeanne's speed is significant, Witch time is no joke. But Vergil is fast too, he was able to react fast enough to cut Lady's rocket when it was fired at him.

Yes. No doubt Vergil's got reaction time. But lets be honest here. They've all got insane reaction time. lol. I mean the only good reason I can see for why Bayo and Jeanne have to constantly fire guns at point blank range at one another is because they can easily see bullets coming and can dodge them with ease. There was even one instance where Jeanne was implied to be capable of seeing a bullet move slow enough that she was able to not only focus in on it, but also change its trajectory with her magic--without using witch time. That's pretty hax.

When Dante and Vergil were exchanging blows they were so fast that they traded blows before the rain could fall.

So, they are both pretty fast. I am having difficulty finding video examples of Jeanne's speed.

Bayo and Jeanne had a very similar battle sequence-only they were standing on their hands swinging their feet. lol

You're right though. They are both really fast. And if it were not for witch time, I might feel it was possible for them to be roughly equal in that regard. But if we consider the fact that Jeanne can use witch time to make her already insane movement and reaction speeds even faster, then I think I have to give the edge to Jeanne on this one.

Well, he can teleport but I don't know if he can teleport that far, actually, Vergil might be able to use Yamato to cut the building in half. Yamato is capable of cutting down the hellgate at range, then again that was Dante, not Vergil who did that.
I've no doubt Vergil could use a powreful demonic blade like Yamato in combination with his own demonic power to cut a building in two. The skyscrapper example was just an example of brute strength afterall.

My personal feeling is that Vergil could beat her, but only if he was taking her seriously. He probably wouldn't take her seriously. After all, why would Vergil go all out against a human? Defeating Jeanne might require Vergil to use dishonorable tactics that are contrary to his character. Jeanne has no such honor code.

Vergil probably wins 3/10 confrontations

Fair enough. Since we're dealing with DMC Vergil and not DmC Vergil, I'll have to give this to Jeanne. Because for starters, we know she's got strength on him by leaps and bounds. So much so, that all it should take is one clean punch or kick to finish the fight. We also know she's more than capable of fighting and dodging attacks at close range. And as far as speed goes, since Jeanne can slow down time to make her already ridiculous speed exponentially faster, I just don't see DMC characters in general being able to compete.
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Ether: >Michael Bay without explosions
Wow! It's f***ing nothing!

Silent: >come from demons
Your point?

>die more easily
Vergil lacks what it takes to even harm her. Like Bayonetta, she can slow time, stop time, parry/reflect all (while regaining magic from it), move rapidly, teleport herself (and attacks), has i-frames aplenty, many accessories (infinite wicked weaves, doppelgangers, MP regen, HP regen *via taunts*, etc.), many items (HP/MP refills, 2x damage, 360 AoE damage, invincibility *with tanking*), magic barriers, intangibility, invisibility, time travel, notable brute strength, very powerful summons, etc. This would not be a fight. It would the slaughter of Vergil. Neither of us want that.

>can die
You're implying the likes of Vergil are going to be able to deal a blow to Jeanne or Bayonetta?

>the question becomes
The demons are a problem, but the real threat would be Jeanne herself. She would utterly destroy him. She gets her hands on him. He's dead. She uses magic to stop time. He's dead. She negates all his attacks and even regains power in the process. Then he's tired (and soon to be dead). There is no chance for him in a fight against this sort of foe. He's too weak, too slow, too limited, etc.

>Vergil was able to kill weaklings
How nice for him.

>needs Bayonetta for Sheba
Jeanne can't summon Sheba and has no part in it. The summons are not duets. Jeanne was nowhere near the fight and summons require dances and chants specific to that which you summon. It was just Bayonetta. Sheba isn't necessary for the likes of Vergil. None of the summons are. He would be lucky if she just used him as a boy toy and left it at that. Pray for the other Vergil (half-angel). He's going to be a sacrifice.

>son of Sparda
Another weakling (like Mundus). These are just non-threats to the sort of power demonstrated by these witches.

>Phantom easter egg
You're looking too much into it. That thing was far beyond the DMC1 boss.

>some bias
He made them both. Even with that aside, the obvious is all there when you consider what the witches can do. Vergil and Dante cannot deal with such nonsense. DmC's versions are even more screwed.

>advantage up close
No. That's even worse for him.

She can do more than simply slow time with Witch Time. She can stop time locally for those without the resistance to it. For even those with resistance, accessory use works around the problem. This beside becoming intangible and invisible (along with magic barriers). Teleporting herself (and attacks) just adds to her options with invincible movements to spare.

Even when struck, the hit can be canceled with Bat Within (which is a technique she is an expert with *starts the game with it unlike Bayonetta*). Jeanne has the distinct advantage (over Bayonetta) that she can evade without limitation (for lack of WT short of Bat Within *her pride at work*). There are other differences between the two, but Bayonetta still proved mightier in the end.

NOTE: Adding accessories and items just makes this a silly contest. This was never a very fair fight even if she is gimped such that such things are not allowed.

>rain stand still
Bayonetta was able to catch the rain and make it into an ice javelin while it stood still.

Mibukin: Quite right.

Sayde: My you're being generous not to include all their abilities.
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Go away Starkiller, your kind isn't wanted here. Racism is a severe ToU violation.
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>go away
He doesn't post here.

Are you calling him a racist? That seems like an insult. Provocation even.
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It was suggested by Kamiya that if he had gotten to make Bayo 2 that they were going to show the war between the Lumen and Umbra with Dante showing up at random to bet the **** out of both sides. Do you really think Jeanne could take something like that on by herself?

Wait, is that true?

So... is that Bayo 2 then?

He's not directing Bayonetta 2 so I doubt it..he's just supervising to make sure they don't screw up and do something stupid with Bayonetta 2.

I think its being directed by the guy that did Shadow the Hedgehog...

that's definetely not true sir. Bayonetta 2 is still being developed by Platinum. Which had NOTHING to do with Shadow the Hedgehog.
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You're right though. They are both really fast. And if it were not for witch time, I might feel it was possible for them to be roughly equal in that regard. But if we consider the fact that Jeanne can use witch time to make her already insane movement and reaction speeds even faster, then I think I have to give the edge to Jeanne on this one.

Well, I don't find anything I disagree with except for possibly this.

I was under the impression that Jeanne/Bayonetta are in witch time when they do their speed feats. Am I mistaken?
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SilentS89 posted...
I was under the impression that Jeanne/Bayonetta are in witch time when they do their speed feats. Am I mistaken?

You're indeed mistaken. It is quite obvious when they activate witch time and then do said feats.
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I take it this is quite resolved. Any others who wish to voice dissent with the notion of Jeanne stomping these boys?
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Given that Bayo is implied to happen in the same world as DMC which would mean that the witch Eva is the twins mother. Witch Time is good completely freezing time is better.
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