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4 years ago#51
Famitsu is a joke, yes. These days people shouldn't listen to reviews, just play the demo or at a friend's house.

Pre-ordering is for chumps anyway, you'll get the same game discounted within weeks and not only saved you money, but also got the real vibe from gamers what the game is like.
4 years ago#52
ff13 got a 39 on famitsu so i dont really trust them


*bows down to both versions of Bayonetta (360 and ps3)

Pure hilarity.
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4 years ago#53
ReceiverxWisdom posted...
Average or mediocre sounds about correct.

Since when is 85% average or mediocre?
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4 years ago#54
Famitsu looks like they gave it a decent score. In school 89% out of 100% usually meant B+.

Another positive review. Can't wait for next week.
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4 years ago#55
85%? That's a pretty good score. Right in the "Savage!" range.

100% = SSSensational!!!
99% - 90% = SSadistic!!
89% - 80% = Savage!
79% - 70% = Anarchic!
69% - 60% = Brutal!
59% - 50% = Cruel!
49% - 40% = Dirty
39% - 30% = Excrement.
29% - 20% = Failure..
19% - 10% = Garbage...
1% - 9% = Horrendous....
0% = Cosmic Race
4 years ago#56
Ah Famitsu, I still remember when you praised Ninja Gaiden 3 and gave it the score of 34/40.

Good times.


4 years ago#57
I know some people get a little carried away with claiming any good review must be the product of bribery or whatever, but I seriously, seriously encourage people to do their homework on how Famitsu works. It's virtually impossible for any major company title to get a bad score.
4 years ago#58
I can't wait for next week where every good score is going to be called payola or a joke site/magazine etc.

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