Sales Expectations since full games reveal?

#21Ether101Posted 1/11/2013 11:34:57 AM
FNP88 posted...
I have avoided seeing what the ending is. You know why? Because searching out all that stuff before you even play a game is just stupid. People who actually wanted to buy/play this game aren't going to look up the spoilers, that would ruin the experience. You can't tell me you look up the endings to games you are actually interested in before playing it(aimed at the antis).

You all just did that because you want to try and spam the ending everywhere and spoil it for people and piss them off before playing it. Which i'm sure all leads back to 4chan, which has had a small very butthurt community trying to ruin this game since release. Oh, don't bother posting spoilers to anger me. I'm not checking back on this topic or any i feel might have spoilers. See ya guys, the response from critics and gamers has been fairly positive. Good luck with the whole being butthurt thing, i hope it works out for you all.

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