"Ugh, I just bought DmC because you guys told me to give it a chance!"

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I'm not buying it.
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No offense to you guys who confirm they are not buying the game. Do you guys have anything better to do instead of discussing something you hate so badly? Like friends, girlsfriends etc. Because I see the same people on this board every time I check saying they won't buy the game. Don't u have something better to do with your life?

Some of us are privileged with the ability to squat on message boards while we're at work and Hulu's too distracting. I've several message boards up that I kill time in.

Lol lazy good for nothing, why dont you go do some work than...
Or get a job that keeps going all day

Their job IS hating DmC. Do you know where's the funny part?
Nobody pays for them. Two years of wasting time.
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I take pride in my lack of life, yo.

I bet you plebeians spend less than 12 hours on the internet.
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Ah troll logic.
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Ah troll logic.

Done stealing chairs?

Just kidding DuuuDe.
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I'll probably end up buying it, although I'm on the fence between anti and pro, I guess you'd say? I think the game will be a 7/10 and a step down from the best, but probably end up the third best gameplay of the series(3>4>DmC>1>2). DMC1 has aged alright and certainly has style of this but in that game, SSS was basically lining up enemies and spamming million stabs.