Convince me to buy this.

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Buy this game. Don't listen to the haters; this game is just like DMC2 but with expanded gameplay and GRAPHICS. The story is a pretty good social commentary on the worlds we have today. The gameplay is not the same as the demo, you don't even have DMD mode in the demo so how can you judge the game in it's entireity you stupid haters.

LOL, TC is like the biggest DmC hater here.

Anyway, Pes. I like the story,the gameplay and the level designs in DmC, I HATED every single game from NT btw. I think DmC is their best game.

I agree with some of the argued flaws of this DmC compared to the rest of the series, but I do have to give NT credit to the levels themselves. Especially the couple of levels leading up to Barbas

Could use a little less Oiphon grappling, but the designs themselves are great IMO.
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What else would you spend your money on?
You don't smoke so you should buy other things like videogames.
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Just shut up and buy it....
Lol sorry i'm trying to be convincing :P
So DO IT!!! or else....
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Watch my video. There is enough convincing here!
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Don't buy it.

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You should buy it because...
Vorgel loved Donte
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Please see my reasoning in the other "convince me" thread. Except, the word convince is misspelled in the topic title lol. Everyone should buy this new DMC and it will be very hard to refute my unbiased arguments which I made in the other topic.
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Don't buy it.

Herp-a derp
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No, decide for yourself...
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Because it has a gritty *snort* and visceral *snicker* story that *pfffft* rivals the standards of film and literature *heh* and treats us like sophisticated *scoff* adults.


BAH-HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! I just couldn't say that with a straight face.
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