So, name your top 5 hack and slashes

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User Info: prestodaniel

4 years ago#51
Bayonetta( also my favorite game of all time)
DmC( from what i've played so far)
Lords Of Shadow

User Info: ZeroX91

4 years ago#52
antking61 posted...
Nateo86 posted...
With a little bit of blocking lol but its puzzles are alot more memorable only for the reason I dont usually find them as mind numbingly boring first time through, what do you remember from demon souls when you think of it

Being invaded and back-stabbed by random ass-hat #278658346. XXXP

Seriously though, I always just call it a Dungeon Crawler. Hack n Slash games I usually associate with faster gameplay and an emphasis on the physical combat's fluidity.

The Souls games are slow and clunky to force you to play your moves better.

I would be said ass-hat. :p DARKWRAITHS 4 LIFE!

So where would God Eater fall then? It's like a fast paced Monster Hunter.

1. DMC 4 (your lieing to yourself if you say 3 had better combat.)
2. Astyanax (yup old school, hun?)
3. Godhand
4. CV:Lord of Shadows
5. Brutal Legend
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User Info: antking61

4 years ago#53
ZeroX91 posted...
I would be said ass-hat. :p DARKWRAITHS 4 LIFE!

So where would God Eater fall then? It's like a fast paced Monster Hunter.


As for God Eater...Never played it really, but if it's like Monster Hunter then it's too boss oriented to be a Hack n Slash. Not to say it's bad at all. I LOVE my Monster Hunter games.
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User Info: Hazmat963

4 years ago#54
1. Ninja Gaiden 2
2. God of War series as a whole (Can't pick a favorite)
3. DMC4
4. Warriors Orochi 3
5. Ninja Gaiden 1

User Info: -BrokenSpiral-

4 years ago#55
1. DMC3
2. Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon
3. Chaos Legion
4. Drakengard
5. Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams
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User Info: ResidentGear31

4 years ago#56
1. Ninja Gaiden 1/Black/Sigma
2. DMC3 Special Edition
3. Bayonetta
4. God of War 3
5. Anarchy Reigns

??? DmC
??? Metal Gear Rising

User Info: XImperialDragon

4 years ago#57
I thought Hack n' Slash was like Diablo or something? Are beat 'em ups and hack n' slashes the same thing? O_o; Too many genres and too many things changing... >_>;

Anyway, in no particular order:

Devil May Cry 3
God Hand
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in Time
Ninja Gaiden
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User Info: Devil_wings00

4 years ago#58
Ninja gaiden 1 (Any version but I liked black the best) I like 2 but the camera felt weird and it had too many cheap off screen enemies that would constantly break your combos and chip away your health (I never did play sigma 2 so it might have improved it). I haven't played 3 but from what I've seen, I'm not missing much.

Onimusha 3 (I think that's the one where you play as jean reno lol it was awesome)


GoW 2

Zone of Enders 2 (Best blind rental EVER)

Those are the ones that pop into my head immediately but I in no way play a lot of these games.
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User Info: pigboy

4 years ago#59
2.Ninja Gaiden 2
4.Ninja Gaiden 1
5.Metal Gear Rising

User Info: magx

4 years ago#60
Ninja Gaiden Black
Ninja Gaiden (2004)
Ninja Gaiden II (2008)
Devil May Cry 3/4 (tied)
<3 Ninja Gaiden Black! I want Dynamite Cop XBLA!
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