Adam Sessler's DMC review.

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I may pick this up, but I won't pay full price for it.
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Wow a lot of people here care about scores to the point of doing maths. It's a reboot, going towards a bigger demographics than just the fans of the series. If you like the combat and like/okay with the vulgarity/non-essential story then go ahead and buy the game instead of doing maths with the score.
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Hunter1534 posted...
GeorgMichael posted...
No professional critics are "paid off" to give a good review. The gaming industry is not as shady as you crybaby nerds think it is. Some critics actually like games.

So naive.

So ignorant. Do your homework boy, and don't listen to all the blowhards who have no idea what the industry is like.
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man, it is WEIRD how the scores this game has been getting do NOT match up what's actually written in reviews. Sessler is the only guy who seems to be trying to balance things out and then give an assessment that correlates to what he was saying. Probably the best of the reviews shown. Like someone said earlier, I don't believe in reviews being paid, but I wouldn't be surprised if reviewers are giving generous scores to spite people (especially since the press basically enacted a smear campaign against this game's critics)
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man i was about to bash him for being on g4 but i guess he left....i wouldnt kno cuz g4 said FU to direct good for him
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Having beat the game this sums up how I feel myself. Good review.
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The most disgusting part about this topic isn't how absurdly derailed it got but rather how obsessed people seem to be with numbers.

Whether you're watching or reading a review, the final score means absolutely nothing than an arbitrary value assessment from the reviewers perspective. Two other people could have made the exact same points as this Adam guy and one could have still given the game a 9/10 while the other could have given it a 2/5.

When looking at reviews, what's important are the points they make. Even if he had given the game a 6/5 because he loved it so much he wanted to marry the thing, the points he made regarding the story and gameplay are what we should really be looking at. For me, based on the points he made, I'll hesitate on getting this game. Obviously no one review should entirely mold your opinion, but he said some things that have made me concerned.

Tl;dr: The number system is totally arbitrary and meaningless and it's the content of the review that should provide information without being an end-all judgment in itself.
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That was pretty decent Mr. Sessler.
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Hunter1534 posted...
GeorgMichael posted...
No professional critics are "paid off" to give a good review. The gaming industry is not as shady as you crybaby nerds think it is. Some critics actually like games.

So naive.

No, he's right. Fewer reviewers are paid off than many would have you believe.

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Mister_Zurkon posted...
That doesn't make it any less token or racist. There is no reason for a tribe like that to exist in a modern day horror/action game.

At the very least the cult in 4 matched the dated aesthetics of the village and castle.

In RE5 it's just spear throwing face paint tribe out of nowhere. why not give them guns and armor if they are protecting your secret lab? It's not like they can resist your orders if you plagas them.

So did you totally miss what I said and/or not know much about Africa. I'll repeat it one more time, people and tribes like that DO STILL exist in many parts of Africa today.