You guys realize that if Kamiya was given this game, he'd revert Dante back to

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Each Dante has been pretty different.

DMC1 Dante was more down to business, He was confident and wasn't afraid to taunt his enemies to throw them into a frenzy.

DMC2 Dante was mute and pretended he didn't care about anything, his double headed coin proved that he does care.

DMC3 Dante was just a kid who was crazy with power.

DMC4 Dante didn't take much seriously cause he is overpowered. Not as crazy as DMC3 Dante though.

DmC Dante is a more foul mouthed version of DMC3 to be quite honest. Goes from a young kid who knows he is strong and just doesn't give a damn about anything, but he learns what is really important.

Honestly I like them all, but DMC4 Dante takes the cake. I love how so unafraid he was in the face of what most people would **** their pants at.

"Check it out, its got wings!" That line made me laugh so hard because he had the exact opposite reaction I had, which was "HOLY **** THAT THINGS HUGE!!!!"

I think part of Dante's uberness in DMC4 came from the fact that Capcom was showing a difference in character between Dante and Nero. Nero wasn't able to close the deal with most of the bosses, his inexperience and sometimes his emotions getting in the way. Whereas Dante is the vet who's been doing this for years and has tackled dangerous situations like this before. He knows his power and therefore knows exactly what he's capable of. Nero is new to his power.

Like Dante's persona or not in DMC4, Capcom still did a good job at painting the opposites between him and Nero (likewise with Vergil and Dante in DMC3).
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i said this in the previous post all the Dantes from 1,3,4 r the same. there is no reverting least imo....
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Kamiya praises Ninja Theory's DmC.

Not really praise

Professional courtesy != praise

Kamiya isn't exactly known for his professional courtesy.

Also, when will people realize being asked about games other people have made really ticks him off?
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i said this in the previous post all the Dantes from 1,3,4 r the same. there is no reverting least imo....

DMC1 Novel/DMC1 Dante/SMT Dante is way way different from the trash like DMC3,2, and 4 Dante.
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