congrats to Ninja theory. Haters have lost. tis a fine day

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Kyrylo posted...
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you will surely get employee of the month for your incredibly "you are stupid" posts on a video game site Lol

Well, since I have free minute may as well write some opinion of parts of our wonderful community.

wait didnt you just say your too busy? now you have a free miniute, what a wonderful coincidence
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o wow u quoted me, theres no turning back now
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ok yes those last few posts were bait posts, these guys make it just a little to easy now back on topic,

this game rocks and im glad to see it flourish, feelin like playin with my lil dante right now be back in 30.
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and im not talkin about DmC :)
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o wow u quoted me, theres no turning back now


(Hehe, get it? ...Anyone? .....v_v)
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now back on topic,

NO. DAMNIT. I WAS HAVING FUN- oh god, I was actually having fun....
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Dude, if you like the game then fine, enjoy your game, but you don't need to troll... it makes you look stupid, even more stupid than those you call 'haters'. At least most of the haters have legitimate reasons why they hate the game. And by trolling, you bring some of the good pros a bad reputation.

Besides, you could've spent your time on something better to do. You have life right? if you have then spend it wisely. There's no use for trolling, it's wasting your time and energy. And again, it makes you look stupid.
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damn it you made me go off topic again
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No one lost anything. So long as everyone is entitled to their own opinion no one can loss. And if you are referring to the reviews than just stop. Because idk what is going on but a lot of the reviews talk about how the games combat is lacking or various problems with it and yet it is still getting 8's and 9's. It doesn't make sense.