I feel like the framterate and slight button delay are all a part of art style

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That's just me I guess, but I feel like it has a charming effect on how Dante interacts with the environment.
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What? So you mean Tameen purposely directed the programmers to make the game's performance bad for artistic integrity?

Such a mind****, it's genius! No wonder he claims the game would break the line between cinema and gaming.
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Suda was better at being intentionally bad.
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low framerate= bad.
it basically turns into a slide show near 10fps.
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Dammit. I just noticed the typo.
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This party's getting crazy!
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syctheweilder posted...


Finally some originality on this forum!
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That has nothing to do with framerate. Sincerely, most people b*** about 30fps without knowing exacly why they're doing It as It's not everyone that can easily notice how animation is smoother at 60fps, you probably don't know either what 60fps is supposed to feel like, don't take that the wrong way please, not trying to offend you x_x...