I feel like the framterate and slight button delay are all a part of art style

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From: Brocknoth | #025
"The Xbox 360 and PS3 are old, and can't run it adequately, so they capped it at 30 and even that is sometimes too much for the hardware."

Hmmmmmmmm, no. It's the engine and the fact that NT can't program to save their lives. DMC4 ran fine on both systems so this game has no excuses.

As good as MT is on consoles, it's much better on PC. Legendary Dark Knight mode at 60+ FPS in 1080p is a great feeling.
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W_RDAD posted...
explain why the pc will get 60 fps if it is all about the art style

It is because the PC version is being outsourced to a company that doesn't appreciate the subtle excellence of Tameem's vision.