This game ruined the series?

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I'm what the people the detractors of the game would call a mindless drone that does whatever Capcom wants. I purchased the game yesterday and really enjoy it. I guess I'm Capcoms target audience, sorry for destroying the franchise... Before I go on, let me back track for a bit.

I bought Devil May Cry with my hard earned money as a 20 year old college student who was sold on that game after having played the demo. I absolutely fell in love with the game. There was nothing like it prior to its release and it blew me away at the time. I played that game to death almost to the detriment of my studies. By the time I was done I could no damage speed run S rank blah blah blah you name it I could do it. looking back upon that game now. While the style and atmosphere in that game is still top notch today, the combat itself is extremely limited and stiff which I don't knock at all because it was a first. It also had a terrible story.

Fast forward to DMC 2's release. I was about as hype as you could be after seeing the trailers and commercials for it. I bought that game week of release and thought WTF is this. Yes Dante had some awesome new animations and what I still believe to be his best outfit but the gameplay oh good lord the gameplay. Why are all the combat arenas the size of football fields? Why do I need to flip and roll from one enemy to another to keep my stylish meter up? Why am I fighting Heihachi and for what reason? All in all that game was a piece of garbage. Although Trish was fun to play, it stunk as not only a DMC game but an action game as a whole.

After the travesty that was DMC 2 I was a little wary about the sequel. Then those trailers started to come out and once again there I was ready to to get my hands on DMC 3. As per usual, I bought the game the week of release Got it home and holy ****. This game was incredible. after about 3 hours of getting myself acclimated to the controls and leveling up my trickster style I shouted to the heavens, "This is the greatest action game of all time!!!". The combat system was honed to a fine point and everything just clicked. I was in gaming heaven the entire time I played that game. If there were achievements or trophies at the time I'd have them all 10xs over. Was the story good? Not really but it was the best of the 3 and was incredibly entertaining. I also picked up the Special edition as well and then that became the greatest action game ever with the inclusion of playable Vergil.

2008 rolls around and DMC 4 comes out. I really had no issues with Nero as the lead character. In fact I enjoyed playing Nero more then I did Dante. There really isn't to much to say about that game. The on the fly style switching with Dante was bad ass but by the time I got to play him I just didn't care and wanted to go back to Nero. Once again, the story was a mess and I just... I liked the game.. I got all the achievements and moved on fairly quickly from it and went back to playing DMC 3: SE.

If your still reading at this point, thank you. I know that was incredibly long winded and there will be the prerequisite tl:dr that's fine, I get it but I said all of that to say this. I've been a fan of this series since day one like many of us have been. The series hasn't been all rainbows and butterflies. With this reboot they decided to give a different spin which is what a reboot is for those that seem to not know that. No the combat isn't the same as DMC 3. Alright fine because this isn't DMC 3. It's a reboot. Is it a necessary reboot? Well that's up for debate. When you sit and actually think about it, what game are you comparing it to? You cannot be comparing it to the entire series. Because there has only been one truly amazing game. and that's DMC 3. So this entire argument should really be DMC 3 vs DmC. Which while I do like this game, DMC 3 wins.
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i wish i read it, but i didnt
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That's yet to be seen.
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Only DMC5 can decided this.
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Good post TC.
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DMC1: Saw my friends playing it the week it came out, gave it a rental, fell inlove with the series. It was "Onimusha" done right IMHO.
It start the whole "Style Hack and Slash" genre if you ask me.

DMC2. Pre-ordered, picked it up the day it came out. At the time, I had no problems with the game, looking back I was an ignorant child. (23 yrs old), Still I enjoyed it for what it was.. and the gameplay at the time.. I beat both modes.

DMC3. OMG WTF,, the difficulty in this game drove me up a wall at first but over time, and abuse of the holy water item, I learned to beat the game without much problem and loved every minute of it. When the Special Edition was released, I picked that up too.

DMC4: I loved Nero, and after playing Nero it felt weird playing Dante.
I felt the game was half assed.. oh look the same 5-6 areas forward, now backward! Woo half the development time, twice the game! *twirls finger*
Other then that it was an enjoyable romp.

The first three seemed to form a cohesive plot, I have no clue where 4 came in the timeline though, I also don't know ANY of this "Dante Trapped in Hell" or "Stoic Older Dante in 2" crap people keep speaking of.
Nor do I see where the writers wrote themselves in a corner, this was a nonsensical action game.. they could have brought Dante back for millions of reasons.. or just made it as a passing joke which changed every time it's explain "I was giving the devil a rash, so he kicked me out" and never give a REAL explination.

As for the reboot, I'm loving it so far. (Just beat FarCry 3, and Dark Souls over the weekend, now DMC time!)
I don't see where it is lacking depth and style over the original games.. the plot seems a bit more cohesive and intelligent then the other games in the series..
the only problem I can think of is.. I HATE stinger's new command input..
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I read the entire thing, and what's your point? You can say there was only one truly amazing game, but that's entirely subjective. For others, DMC1 reinvented the action genre, DMC3 made games difficult and had the best story of any DMC, and DMC4 had the best combat of any DMC(And imo, of any action game). So for others, yes, it was an amazing SERIES of games, and this one casualized not only the difficulty, but the combat as well, scaling down the number of moves each weapon had, while substituting the weapon switch in for the styles of DMC4. The story as well is very polarizing, and it doesn't need saying that DMC3's was better, if it a little on the subtle side. Not to mention the terrible PR from the developer and publisher. Ultimately, this game was not only a bad game in a series of great games, it scarred the community forever.

So yeah, there's my reasons for disliking this game.
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Marblesbunbun posted...
DMC1: Saw my friends playing it the week it came out, gave it a rental, fell inlove with the series. It was "Onimusha" done right IMHO.

You mean you didn't like Onimusha. It never did anything wrong.
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OrangeSchweese posted...
Marblesbunbun posted...
DMC1: Saw my friends playing it the week it came out, gave it a rental, fell inlove with the series. It was "Onimusha" done right IMHO.

You mean you didn't like Onimusha. It never did anything wrong.

I loved Onimusha, just always thought it needed a jump button!
Whatever happened to that series?
I remember all of them, but why no more in the PS3 era?

We need an Onimusha and XenoSaga collection!
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No idea. It had some of the most epic cinematics and music in gaming. Then they made a bunch of sub-par spinoffs and it just faded into obscurity.