putting gameplay aside, DmC or bayonetta?

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3 years ago#41
which 1 do you prefer by this criteria?

BackGround music in game (Bayonetta, DmC has some of the worst music featured in a game. Ever.

enemy design & boss design (both gameplay & aesthetic) (Bayonetta had much cooler and much better designed fights. By a mile)

environment (DmC, cool setting and world morphing)

character design & character development(Bayonetta, DmC has literally no characters that change or evole throughout the course of the story)
background story(Bayonetta, whose story isn't insultingly bad)
cutscene (Bayonetta, over the top and amazing to watch)

Bayonetta, not even close.
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3 years ago#42
Bayonetta in every aspect, i simply loved Bayonetta, yes, even the story, also, if you count the gameplay, than it is 10x Bayonetta
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3 years ago#43
Bayonetta. Easily. Now if we were talking DMC4? That'd be trickier. DMC3? DMC3.
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3 years ago#44
Bayonetta, it's the best game ever made in it's genre and destroys any DMC title in any category.
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3 years ago#45
Sony_7 posted...
Gameplay was all Bayo had and even that was iffy. The game wasn't difficult, it was cheap. They throw in these BS quick time events that can instead kill you to compensate for lack of creative design. I'd rather have straight up bad bosses like in DmC than have lame tricks from Bayo.

Both games have crap soundtracks so I'll pass on that. Bayo had no story worth the effort of following and just tried way too hard to be quirky. Characters in Bayonetta were nonentities and Bayo herself was just dumb to me on so many levels. A naked witch who fights using the hair that grows out of her body? Ya no thanks that **** is gross.

The hair is from her head. She uses her magic to make her hair form her outfit. But you knew that already.
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3 years ago#46

Never even a contest.
3 years ago#47
SparNar607 posted...
Persistant_Fate posted...
Actually I change my answer; I choose DmC. Dante is far more sexy than Bayo, so DmC wins. Bayo looks like Sarah Palin! Yuck. Dante on the other hand looks like a gorgeous male model.

You can have your male model, i'll take Palin.

I found his model attractive... Quit judging me! >.>
3 years ago#48
I prefer DmC's soundtrack. Makes you feel like you're kicking ass.
They both have unique styles and pull them off well.

DmC overall, though, because I prefer its style and story.
3 years ago#49
Putting game play aside, both are absolutely awful games catered to people with the mentality of an 11 year old boy.
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3 years ago#50
Bayonetta easily
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