Seriously, This game is by far the worst game that uses the Unreal Engine

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You mean it's worse than Stranglehold and Alpha Protocol. Yeah, credibility lost.

Alpha Protocol was fantastic, sure the gameplay was mediocre and the mini-games were terrible, but I could befriend all the characters in the game and get them to work for me and betray their bosses or I could make all of them hate me and try to kill me, one guy even criticized me for wearing a stealth suit while eavesdropping on him in public and that's all I ever wanted in my RPGs. On one playthrough I managed to get a new short little mission because of a choice I made differently.

I liked Alpha Protocol as well, but it ran poorly on the Unreal Engine and was riddled with bugs and could not hit 60fps. There are way more game breaking bugs and glitches in Alpha Protocol. In comparison to DmC, Alpha Protocol has no excuse to run the way it did on the same engine with less going on.
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