Anyone else regret their purchase?

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bluejae640 posted...
Is this because of the comparisons with the other dmcs, or because of the game itself?

I'm comparing it to other action titles in general.

A lot of action games have challenging enemy types that still let you enjoy the full range of moves the game offered, instead it rewarded using proper defensive maneuvers by opening them up to go to town on. This game so far I've noticed is literally restricted what I'm able to do by making even early level enemy types immune to all but one weapon, forcing me to use specific moves to break their "charge move", etc. It's very paint by numbers.

The platforming is way too frequent for the fact he feels so heavy, and only seems to have "crappy jump" and "lung forward and hope you aimed it correctly." It all feels sequenced. Why not just make it automatic if I don't have any real freedom with it?

Don't get me wrong... the first handful of levels were an absolute blast, but actual design decisions are impeding on my fun, and it's likely I won't see it through. It sours my mood to play it now.

Edit: It's 2 A.M., and I see my typos. Too sleepy to correct any of them, so nyah.
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What's all this now?
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I was actually smart enough to not buy this. I just rented it. Why would you even consider BUYING this game? Did you expect it to be a great game worthy of you 60 bucks?
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You'd have to be smokin the good **** to think any console game in the last 10 years is worth $60. Bayonetta being the exception.
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No. My expectations were not high. I knew it wasn't going to be like the old DMC games.
Yet it's still way more fun to play than any other terrible hack and slash out there. I was pretty much sold when i played the demo since i knew that the combat was going to be decent.

Do people really enjoy series like God of War for it's combat? I was bored like hell... This game might be a step backwards for a DMC, but as a hack and slash i'm still having more fun with it than any other one.

I'll have to see about Bayonetta though.
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"Gameplay isn't fun, story isn't interesting, graphics not good."

You ARE aware that there was a demo you could have played, right? LOL.
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I don't.

I bought mine Used to avoid giving Capcom any money (in protest of their bad decisions) but can still enjoy it because it's a decent game.
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KoffSyrup posted...
produner posted...

Gameplay isn't fun, story isn't interesting, graphics not good.

I understand how you feel, too much hype, drama and advertising. I saw all that coming since the trailer in 2010 and the announcement of NT developing DmC, combat and story is simply not their expertise and they are among the less talented studios, they can't program a game properly.
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Fredrick2003x posted...
You'd have to be smokin the good **** to think any console game in the last 10 years is worth $60. Bayonetta being the exception.

You have a funny way of determining the game's worth.
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I, for one, have sympathy for you TC.

Were you mislead by the professional reviews?