Anyone else regret their purchase?

#21Damon_FalkPosted 1/20/2013 7:44:33 AM
Nope, I bought this and am having some fun. I'm not big on too many hack and slash games. YES Bayonetta is better, YES Capcom has made horrendous decisions lately (releasing ****ty megaman X-box avatars for his 25th anniversary) but this game is not bad. I'd give it a 7.5 cause of the loading times and some of the janky platforming but other than that I like it.
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From: Fredrick2003x | #014
You'd have to be smokin the good **** to think any console game in the last 10 years is worth $60. Bayonetta being the exception.

lol. Bayonetta isn't that good. Especially considering it has the PS2/GC's libraries (including god damn DMC3) from 2003 and on to compare to. Plenty of games were worth 60 bucks back then.
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SilentS89 posted...
I, for one, have sympathy for you TC.

Were you mislead by the professional reviews?

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I am not regretting my purchase, although what is your reason for not liking the game? I found it to be different, yet fun. The combat plays fluidly and the story is not bad.
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