DmC3 > DmC1 > DmC > DmC4 > DmC2

#101Nightmare OmegaPosted 1/21/2013 5:10:34 PM
DMC1 = DMC2 = DMC3 = DMC4 = DmC

I liked all of them on a pretty equal level, really. I'm just happy they exist.
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DMC3 is an amazing game, no contest. Shame if you don't know why.

DmC I've ranked as high as I did because of the amount of promise I think this game shows. The combat is enjoyable. I'm currently on Hell or Hell mode and I can say that the challenge this game provides does not fall short. That, and I really like the direction for the new story. The new Dante is fresh and exciting. I like the direction his character is currently headed in.

DMC4 I've got in the middle because it was pretty fun. Combat was varied. However, it felt very short, and the ending seemed to be rather rushed. Nero was my favorite combatant to use, because I loved the Red Queen charge system and his new grab. Story was average. Nero needed MUCH more in terms of backstory. And by MUCH more I mean probably an entire game of his own. I greatly enjoyed the challenge of this game's Bloody Palace.

DMC1 is just as good. It was my first hack and slash game ever, and I had a blast with it. The setting was fun, but the story to the game was so incredibly simple and... as much as I'd hate to say it... bland. Combat wasn't very deep, but was varied enough to be enjoyable for its time.

DMC2 is dead last because the game was very ...not good. Combat seemed clunkier. Dante's weapon choices were not fun. Some enemies seemed to be more of a chore to kill rather than genuinely enjoyable. Also, the story took a vacation. If anybody wants to call Dante that "Donte" crap I hear thrown around, then he deserves it big time in this game. This games only redeeming factor was the semi-fun final boss and trolling the Bloody Palace.
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Speaking of the Red Queen charge system, I think this is the main aspect I disliked about Nero. It was terrible IMO. You either get pulverized trying to charge the damn thing, or you destroy s*** once it IS charged, making some battles too easy.

I get the "risk vs reward" aspect of it, but that alone didn't quite fit into the series to me. I prefer the more fluid combos for slightly less damage to the start-stop-start-stop charging technique.

Unless I'm missing something, I don't get the hype.
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ResidentGear31 posted...
2 is better then 3? Thats like saying the world is flat and not round.

Not just better, it blows 3/3.5 completely away.

What 2 lets you do and gives you:
You get to play as the more mature Dante in comparison to the most annoying childish unlikable brat ever in 3/3.5.
You get to play as Lucia, the by far best female character in the series and second best playable character after Nero, still better character personality wise than Nero but Nero does have better moves thanks to having everything Dante has plus the god hand which is just awesome.
You get to fight a monster skyscraper as a boss.
No Virgil.
You get to fly when it devil trigger mode.


What 3/3.5 lets you do and gives you:
Literally nothing that the first game didn't do a lot better and more of.
That's it, it's like a bad version of the first game.
Nothing more to say, stop reading.
3/3.5 sucks.
Still a billion times better than DmC, but that's literally just summing up every game ever made, DMC3/3.5 just happens to be one of every game ever made that isn't DmC.
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Daedron18 posted...
DMC3 > DMC 4 = DMC 1 > DmC > DMC2

That's my list.

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DmC3 > DmC1 > DmC > DmC4 > DmC2

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FabuIous posted...
DmC3 > DmC1 > DmC > DmC4 > DmC2


I can agree with this though I would say DMC1 and DmC are almost equal with DMC1 beating it out by a little.

DMC4 had potential to be better but it got wasted
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#108FabuIousPosted 1/24/2013 9:39:13 AM
dmc1 is prob due to to nostalgia. that game was godlike. i miss the regular enemies actually being difficult to kill.
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alright... based off of nostalgia, and other random factors (style, animation, art direction), I'd list it like this:


based strictly off of gameplay?

my game collection:
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This for me.
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