If you buy this game, you are killing old Dante

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There is a reason why old people die.
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My friend gave this to me as a gift. Does that make me an accessory to murder?
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Support "emo" culture? No thanks. I prefer to support things that don't generally urk me like a reboot that wasn't really necessary (They didn't even finish what they started in 4).

I don't really don't -understand the whole handing-over-well-based-franchises to other "Western" companies. Hasn't anyone heard of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it"? I mean gee, final fantasy and legend of zelda is still chugging along . I'm thinking Mario needs a new ultra-emo-hipster-gotta-swear-everywhere reboot too, he's worn those overalls for far too long...
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i know...lets have some other white haired hero...with some new gimmick...um...how bout....devil jumper??? he can jumper super high and get the jump on enemies???? dante pops in at some point...and his part will ocne again be a HORRIBLE piece of crap...JUST above dmc2 lol...i dont think we needed that...they messed up dmc4...dmc was a great breath of fresh air for the series
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I don't get the whole, "new Dante is emo" argument. I mean, look at this:

Martyrdom is the only way in which a man can become famous without ability.
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Would killing the old Dante help killing those stupid topics ?
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gamer6879403333 posted...
syctheweilder posted...
I'd rather it be dead and buried than have it's disfigured corpse propped up on a stick, thank you.

Did you know that roosters will attempt to have sex with a hen's head on a stick? Roosters evolved to only respond to the head when trying to mate, so just putting its head on a stick with make it attempt mating.

Sorry if that came out out no where, but that thing about a corpse on a stick made me remember that fun fact.

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