Just remember the people bashing DmC are 1% of the gaming population...

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^You too!?!?
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Just remember the people who like DmC are 0.001% of the gaming population...

and you numbers come from where?
I so far havent seen a single well put together argument for Sales comparsion yet. One person compared MGS to DmC but that failed because of the fact MGS isnt H&S.
I have seen people claim the so far glowing reviews are paid for but those numbers are like in the 30 different reviewer which a company paying that MANY reviewers makes no sense.
I have seen people use Metacritic but alot of those are 0s and bash Dante on being different and are extremely clear they havent even played the game.
I saw an amazon list which also had common reguerly bought items like controllers on it and made no seperation of PS3 and Xbox360 games and items.

So I have yet to see a clear argument with Numbers or Comparsion that didnt fall back on Donte DIno arguments or just use stuff that has NOTHING to do with it.

And While I like the game I dont think its perfect either so neither Anti or Pro just a happy player.

it is too early to tell the final sales but the initial sales being lower than DMC4 initial sales doesnt look well for DmC. There may be many logical reasons as to why DmC did not sell well but Sales are Sales my friend. If capcom doesnt like the sales, DmC2 mostly likely wont happen.
just an observation: I see this sinsodial curve for the sales of DMC franchise and DmC, DMC1 sold great, DMC2 sold good, DMC3 sold weak, SE sold good, DMC4 sold great,

Now I cant argue the known sales so far which is less then DMC4 but others have brought up the fact DMC4 was more or less by itself platform wise while DmC has DS3 coming out in like 2 weeks from its release.

Now I have to point out the most recognized best of the series sold weak. I am not saying DmC will do the same thing but it is intresting.

I know for a fact a decent chunk of DmC watchers are waiting for it to go down because so many antis have said it sucks and so forth.

I am not arguing either for or aganist but I do see several issues for both sides.
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This games like sold 2 million copies already.
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MrMojoRisin357 posted...
This games like sold 2 million copies already.

ROFL, that's why Pros will never win in any arguments. Pulling random numbers out of their *****.
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This games like sold 2 million copies already.

Never see such an idiotic post in so many level.
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^At least I can speak english properly.
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