I am Going to Regret this I Know It (In Regards to the Story)

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space_cataz posted...
TC, the story, dialogue, and voice acting are leagues better than in any other DMC game in my opinion. It's worth a rent, I don't think I'd pay $60 if I had it to do over but then again I feel that way about almost every game that comes out nowadays.

I will definitely take this into consideration. I also understand where your coming from, games lately have been seriously lacking in content *looks at Twisted Metal*
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As far as replayability goes, we got seven difficulty modes, Vergil's Dowfall on the way, and Bloody Palace for free coming up. I think there's plenty of incentive to keep on going.
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Look at Vergil's face when he's about to start his exposition about how they should rule, you can tell by his facial expressions he KNOWS he's going to catch flack for how he's about to express himself.

Why did he still do it in the same way?
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hohoho 1 thing,this DmC story cant beat dmc3 story esspecially dmc3 ending.
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