Let's get this out of the way (DmC Sales)

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*continues to play DmC*

*Plays a better game*

That's a lie Pesmerga you knwo you don't play games you just troll the DmC board like your life depends on it.

Get a ****ing life. The game has been out for a week now, if you don't like it why do you hang around the boards? You're such a nuisance.

Move on to something else and let people use the board to actually discuss the game instead of literally living here and trying to post rude, snarky bull **** in every thread. No one is impressed we just think you're a loser.

I don't think he's a loser. Heck I think no one here is a loser at all.

Don't worry about the comments. Just enjoy the game.
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tc, there still exist people who will enjoy this game

i'm sorry for your topic

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