I don't understand why people assume DmC selling poorly gets you DMC5...

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a reboot is when you start a franchise over from square one and change a whole bunch of stuff, sometimes everything like with DmC or the 2008 Prince of Persia game.

That's the issue here. A reboot shouldn't change everything. That would be a whole new series. A good reboot is supposed to change about 20-40% of the game, while the other 60-80% is supposed to stay true to the series. In this reboot, we have 95% changes and 5% DMC. And 5% is kind of a stretch.

I don't understand why people act like this level of alterations is normal for a reboot. It isn't. (Actually, that is a lie, I do know. They pretend it is normal to justify DmC.)

The only reboots I can think of that have a similar level of highly different from the source art/themes/characterizations/everything are reboots that were similarly poorly recieved.

Like the Bomberman reboot.

People liked the source material for a reason, the more you change in a reboot the less likely the stuff people liked from the source material will remain.

Tameem likes to compare DmC to the Batman Reboot. Did the Batman reboot radically change Bruce Wayne/Batman's iconic outfit/appearance? Did the Batman reboot alter the fundamental core themes of Batman? Did Nolan alter the freaking species of creature that Bruce Wayne was? Did he make his mother a Monkey?

It isn't normal to radically alter an iconic character, because radically altering an iconic character is a stupid thing to do.

There are reasons the iconic elements of characters are important, mostly because those are the elements that define the character as who they are.

What would be the point of a Batman reboot if Batman didn't physically resemble what people have learned to identify as Batman over the course of many years?

Why bother having a Batman reboot if the story isn't even remotely close to what people would recognize as a batman story?

Why even reboot Batman if you have people on the other side of the world who express distaste for the character of Batman himself do the reboot? Why is that OK?

It is like hiring a babysitter that you know hates your children. Do you hate your children that much Capcom?
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i see people saying its selling poorly but its topping sales charts.

Because it has no competition, the only other new game that could even constitute as competition is Ni No Kuni, and on Amazon DmC got obliterated by both it, and even DMC HD collection.

You saw it took Japan's #1 spot, Ni No Kuni is already out there, DmC is literally the only high profile game out in Japan this month.
You also would have seen it took the UK's #1 spot, which, surprise surprise, hasn't got Ni No Kuni till February.
On Steam worldwide it also took the #1 spot, losing it about a day or 2 later to Sleeping Dogs, and the only new release it was ahead of was Euro Truck Simulator, what a success!
Looking at the actual numbers, worldwide, DmC's launch is the worst in the series' history.
Just because they launched it in a dead period so they could pay off news sites to glorify the games' sales with their "DMC TOPS THE CHARTS #1 SELLING GAME and sells less than the older games BUT LOOK IT'S TOP OF DA CHARTS" articles, does not mean it's doing well.
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It is like hiring a babysitter that you know hates your children.

Wait, you're -not- supposed to do that?
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It is like hiring a babysitter that you know hates your children.

Wait, you're -not- supposed to do that?

Only if you want to reboot your children and piss off everybody who likes them or cares about them.
Besides I or anyone else was flamming anyone.