Which classic weapons would you like to make a come back?

#1EntropyZeroPosted 1/26/2013 2:27:02 AM
I think Cerberus in DMC3 would fit the DmC game.

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#2produnerPosted 1/26/2013 2:27:40 AM
force edge. DmC is too slow.
#3ChancreScolexPosted 1/26/2013 2:30:21 AM
Cerberus, Nevan, and Lucifer should be in every DMC game, ever.
#4KyryloPosted 1/26/2013 2:50:05 AM
#5GodzFollowerPosted 1/26/2013 3:04:56 AM
Alastor, always wonder how nice it and its effects(+ additions and revisions) would be in HD.
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#6vgman94Posted 1/26/2013 3:20:33 AM
Now I don't have much knowledge of the previous DMCs, but from what I know (and I'm probably a black sheep for this), I think Pandora would be a nice addition.
#7Liquid_AcidPosted 1/26/2013 3:23:58 AM
Always wanted Cerberus to have more combos and attacks...DMC3 even with Swordmaster still felt limited in Cerberus's potential combo wise...

Ifrit will always be the best gauntlets ever!
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#8BillysanPosted 1/26/2013 3:40:35 AM
DmC Dante couldn't handle any of them. He'd probably end up dieing after Alastor impales him.
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#9BlinkYouOutPosted 1/26/2013 3:46:04 AM
No love for Agni and Rudra? Man, those swords slice demons like butter.
#10megaultrarice34Posted 1/26/2013 3:48:27 AM(edited)
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