Y'know guys. There's a massive plot hole in this game. *Spoilers*

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j_person_425 posted...
TC, that's a really good point. That seems pretty inconsistent. He also kills Bob Barbas's human form through Limbo too, when he shoots through the screen and the bullets travel to the real world. That doesn't make sense that he couldn't help Kat out during the raid.

He killed Bob by having killed his true form in the demon world.
They killed Lilith in the human world.

To kill one seems to kill the other.
Did you see any bullet wounds on Bob?

He killed his demonic manifestation which in turn killed his human counterpart.
Not an inconsistency.
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To be fair, J_Person, Bob was a demon. Its probable killing one kills the other. I'm not even sure he actually had a human form. He may have just been a image on the TV screen in the human world.
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lmfao at the hostility here. It appears I've rustled some jimmies. You're just mad your game sucks. xP

oh and one big plot hole too, Nero. LoL
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I guess it's best not to over-think something like this, and it's not really worth arguing about. It's just a convenient plot device that served the game when something dramatic needed to happen, and Limbo probably won't even be a thing in the next game after what happens at the end of this one, with the two worlds merging.
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I hope DmC Dante grows up to be DMC4 Dante in the sequel. :)
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I love how teh TC brought it up as a plothole, it got denounced hardcore, and then people backpedal and say it doesn't matter lol.
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You'll be amazed at how a lot of people didn't fully comprehend the story.