LMFAO! Black Ops 2 is 2013 UK No.1 this week

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This CoD isn't even a good CoD.

CoD hate aside, try looking up the lag compensation issue. BO2's connection is all kinds of lulz.

COD fans eat any s*** that have Call of Duty in the title.

While this may be somewhat true....the game is still fun. The series took a formula and ran with it. I can't be mad at it. And I play too lol

I played all the CODs, from COD3 to BO2.
And I have to admit, COD4 and MW2 were the best FPS games I ever played, Fast paced and simple, No survivors!
And after a lot of IW team left all the CODs pretty much sucked. Zempella and West and the maps desinger and the multiplayer guys. Literally, lot of IW members left.
That's why they had to get SledgeHamer to make MW3 multiplayer, And it sucked so bad.

Anyway, IW team members are now in Respawn Entertainment studio working with EA, Their next game must be better than all the s***y CODs we got.

I can agree...even though I sorta enjoyed MW3....so far I don't care for BO2
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