Should DMC1 be remade? *spoilers* Warning: Wall of Text

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rice_noodles posted...

I lol'd.
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Yes. By Platinum Games.
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Pesmerga255 posted...
A remake would be acceptable as long as Capcom develop it in-house and keep it faithful to the original. I don't want NT touching it.

For your information Mr."Fan" of the series

Since DMC1 the original team didn't work anymore on DMC
Ever Game was made by different people cause some either left or had other projects.
EVERY DMC was a reboot in some terms.

Ninja Theory did their reboot and it was a good one.
Remaking stuff wouldn't change anything no matter who is developing it...Capcom,NT or Bungie.It wouldn't feel and play like DMC1.
The only ones who could do that are probably Platinum Games and they won't do that.

And guess what - The next DMC/DmC if it isn't done by NT is completely different again!
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Ninja Theory did their reboot and it was a good one.
*laugh harder video*