For the people who have played the new DmC all the way through...

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revanninja posted...
hoagie727 posted...
Somewhere between A and B for me.

7.5 out of 10 is my rating.

I liked it slightly more than DMC 4 but not more than 1 or 3.

Never played 2.

you didnt miss much you can kill everything with E&I even bosses

The shotgun demolishes almost every enemy in the game with ease.
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A for me, but I can understand B, and C to a point
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If there was a choice lower than C i would have chosen that
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The first time through, the game hits its stride at around Mission 4 (Which you see in the demo) and carries on at a decent clip through to about mission 12 before it nosedived for me.

There's something wrong about any stage in a DMC game where you're escorting an NPC restricted to a single action (Demon Pull) for three minutes and the experience never quite recovered from that point. Mission 15 is more of the same as the entire stage is platforming against an invisible timer with two fights and Missions 16-18 are such chores to work your way through, largely because by then the enemy encounters go from being sort of enjoyable to profoundly annoying as they start laying on higher tier/weapon immune/nuisance mobs more and more. It's like working through those stages of DMC4's Bloody Palace where every other floor has a Blitz fight on it only through the entire last quarter of the game; this game never gets difficult, it's perfectly content to sit there and be tedious instead.

The game truly disappointed me when I got to mission... 7 of my Son of Sparda playthrough and I just grew tired of dealing with it. At this point I'm forcing my way through the rest of Son of Sparda (Up to mission 13 or so) just to kind of see this off and say I did it, but progress has been sloooooooow.
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A for me.

I liked DmC more than DMC1, 2 and 4, to be honest with you. Maybe even 3. I hated rotating Temen-ni-gru and going up and down the tower again and again...
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I'm in Mission 6 of SoS and I've been pecking at it, like, a mission every two days. It's really boring.
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A all the way. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and am still thoroughly enjoying it. Only comes second next to DMC3.
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Between A and B, because of the combat, it's casualized. Also the hits you do doesn't have the same impact you feel at past DMC games. Game is really easy too but this will probably be fixed by a mod/patch, PC player here btw. If the combat is like DMC3/4 this would have gotten an A for me, Good environments(DmC) plus DMC3/4 combat (i wish...ugh), i don't really care about the characters that much.
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Wasn't as bad as I feared, wasn't as good as I hoped.