Devil May Cry Series Power Levels

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^Just remember that Goku can never beat Vegeta.
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umbra_fuhrer posted...
Arent powerlevels meaningless though? Im assuming this is from DBZ. And isnt the point of Powerlevels that the villains relied on them, yet constantly lost to the heroes? Powerlevels just arent an accurate description of someones kickassitude. More comes into a fight then just Power. Hasnt anyone here seen Goku VS Superman where they explained how redundant power levels were and that they were introduced to show just how wrong they were?

Relying on Deathbattle is meaningless.... They stopped being relevant after the frieza sagas when powers became "SUPER 10 MILLION MEGA POWER", that's when that quote was taken because they were created to measure power....

Also Goku and friends did have stronger power they just hid it, and spiked their power levels during a fight instead of walking around letting energy go all the time, case in point Ginyu force the measure Goku as 6,000 or something immediately following this Ginyu asks Goku to show his true power it's 180,000
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