this game has flaws, but so does every devil may cry game, so its moot.

#51ShankdawgPosted 1/31/2013 10:45:04 PM
I thoroughly enjoyed DMC if i don't consider it a devil may cry game. Here's what's wrong with it though... i did 1 nephilim play through and half of the next difficulty:

- They completely scrapped the over-the-top cutscenes. Those were as fun to me as the gameplay in DMC 3

- The weapons were entirely uninspired. Look at the variety in DMC3 or even DMC4. Nothing clicked as much as Nero's sword or was as fun as Pandora, etc.

- Furthermore, ranged weapons were useless

- Lack of skills made for a lack of interest... no evasion with cool techniques, no rewarding defense options, etc

- The movelists were terrible. Every weapon had: one dash attack, one "juggle attack", two ground combos, two air combos, one air lift and some sort of a charge/drive

- Certain things are spammable that make the game feel weird

- Very small enemy variety, also what variety was there was to force you into using only one type of weapon... no where NEAR the variety of the other games INCLUDING DMC 1.

- No awesome "weapon aquiring" cutscenes. I'll never forget the awe of seeing Alastor for the first time when in 8th grade.

- Demon Trigger feels tacked on, easy to forget about (subjective)

- Platforming gimmick turned into gimmick way too early. "Slow mo" car level was inventive... it ended there.

- Boss battles were all based on primarily stationary bosses in a circular arena. Nothing was as exhilarating as the Virgil fights from even DMC 1 or close to the DMC4 fights.

- Few levels are fun on their 2nd playthrough while I played DMC1, 3 and 4 many times over.

That enough reason to compare this game in a more negative light than the rest?