Do you think DMC4 had a good story? (spoilers)

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3 years ago#61
Obviously the changes and cuts came when rhey felt pressure from fans to paste dante into the gameplay. Once he shows up the story freezes for a while into goofy filler with dante ( and his filler levels, another obv sign) taking out already defeated bosses while the saviour hangs around with a thumb up his ass, god damn the story was awful
3 years ago#62
Dante was going to be playable from the start. His levels were what was cut by Capcom pressure to release the game earlier. Notice how Dante has a truckload more variety and moves than Nero. Nero was clearly unfinished in comparison. Yamato was obviously going to be a full weapon before being cut.
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3 years ago#63
They probably gave dante neros weapons leaving the squirt with only one gun and sword and half a story
3 years ago#64
I thought DMC4 was presented very well. It was pretty compelling and satisfying to play. It wasn't on par with DMC3, but it was decent for the ride it gave.

The actual storytelling, of course--no, it wasn't very good. But I liked the themes. More expansion on Nero and better pacing after the switch-up would have helped mightily.
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  3. Do you think DMC4 had a good story? (spoilers)

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