DMC4 Special Edition would be better than DMC5

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3 years ago#1
In order to start the revival of the franchise.

The HD collection has made all the other games relevant again, for those interested in Devil May Cry. But it's been a long time since DMC4, and if they made now a DMC5 continuing the story, a lot of people wouldn't even know/remember Nero.

Moreover, DMC4 left many with a bitter taste, being accused of being half a game, and a full overhaul of the game as a taste of what's to come in DMC5 would be the way to go.

It even fits with Capcom's greedy agenda of releasing Super Turbo Hyper Ultimate versions of any game, so even they could agree it's a good idea.

The damage done by DmC is massive on all fronts, but a revival is possible if they get it right, and start working now. Of course, should this DmC absurdity were to continue, DMC would become a rotten corpse impossible to revive.
3 years ago#2
Special Edition would required Capcom to put effort into a game. They haven't done that for a while.
Looks like I'm getting closer.
3 years ago#3
What could they add to it? Previous/new weapons, debug mode, possibly Vergil?
3 years ago#4
DMC4: Complete Edition. Gives you the other half of DMC4 that was supposed to be in but wasn't and solidifying it as arguably the best in the franchise after it.
This is GameFAQs. People here take great pride in ignoring common sense.
3 years ago#5
Change Yamato into a decent Devil Arm for Dante and not something that's only useable as a style move.

Turn Yamato into a Devil Arm for Nero that can be used outside of Devil Trigger Showdown and Maximum Bet.

Why couldn't you have at least done that, Capcom?
Looks like I'm getting closer.
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