So we've had DmC: Devil May Cry, which one do you think is next?

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RE: Resident Evil. In this re-imagination of the game, Leon now has an afro instead of the classic bangs, because anyone looking like he did in the original series would get laughed out of a bar. The zombies are replaced with angry cowboys who don't like their guns being taken away because of the Newtown shooting, and Wesker is now a Super hero. Instead of Ada being his female companion, we have Teesha, a zombie who's heart started beating again after falling in love with Leon. The game is now focused more on romance and keeping the group alive than solving the mysteries behind Umbrella, because Capcom wants people to like this game as much as The Walking Dead.

The bolded part sounds pretty fun, actually. = D

Zombie Romance.
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SmT: Shin Megami Tensei is next.
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