Ninja Theory; Makes a DMC game...

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More like Yam-aaaato.
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MasterShinobi88 posted...
And your games interest me not

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Vorgil - Donte, what are they doing with my Year-Mah-tho??
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From: Nick_Kazama | #013
Vorgil - Donte, what are they doing with my Year-Mah-tho??

Seriously, the Yamato from 3 and 4 was a f***in' awesome looking blade.

The sorry excuse that's in DmC looks like any old sword that you could buy anywhere like Cold Steel or whatever.

I f***in' hate Cold Steel. That dude just grates on my nerves. All that pretense he displays is just disgusting.
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Nick_Kazama posted...
Tammy's hair = Logic
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Green_Puff posted...
$ - fans = Logic
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Tameem probably thought his masterpiece would be too sophisticated and Shakespearean for actual DMC fans to comprehend. So he probably couldn't care less about attracting THOSE folks.
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