Only insect eyes can tell the difference between 30 and 60 fps.

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...Turbo Mode turned on with Legendary Dark Knight difficulty, that's a party.

Does the DmC PC port have a Turbo Mode and Legendary Dark Knight difficulty?

I don't think so. I doubt the Unreal Engine would be able to handle that many enemies at once.
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Turbo Mode was only used in DMC3SE (console and PC version? Not sure) and DMC4 (PC only) as well as LDK difficulty was a DMC4 PC only thing.
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Thanks for answering guys. I figured it didn't but I thought I'd ask just to be sure.

On another note: I love LDK difficulty.
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You can tell. Trust me.

Lucky I play on pc!!
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Well I can tell you from experience that the PC version feels much much smoother and more fluid than the console version so it does make a difference.