As I've been playing through the series again I really don't get it. SPOLIERS!!!

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Wow. A topic saying that the earlier games aren't as good as this one. Who would've guessed?
Don't look at me like that, you cretin. /
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my point remains for me.
DMC1>DMC3>= DMC4>DMC2>>>>>dmc.

How anyone can say DMC2 is better is beyond me. I can see why some would say DMC3 is better but DMC2? That has to be the worse HnS game I've ever played.

Worst HnS game I played is NG3. But that aside, DmC drops everything that was made thus far into dumpster, removes old art-style and basically leaves us without hope for proper sequel. In that terms I can't enjoy game that made all of the above. And I enjoyed DMC2 as very first DMC.

So what your basically saying is that it is the story and atmosphere you don't like. That is a perfectly valid point. I don't agree, but I understand.

My real gripe is those picking on the gameplay. Calling it mediocre and a downgrade when I can list several upgrades it has brought. (boss fights aside that is.)

not only that. It also thrown away established combat system that was developing for ages now. Removal of styles. No Lock On difference on moves. Weapons are feeling (I can only say about scythe, sword and axe) as one weapon from DMC separated in 3 parts. at least scythe and sword for sure. And of course what amazed me more than anything is how dumb enemy AI is. It's worst enemy AI I ever saw in any HnS. Not even NG3 enemies were so slow and clumsy as DmC ones. And I think that NG3 is still worse HnS game I ever saw.