Dont be fooled by Crapcom's new statement "Fans destroyed DMC"

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look at R.E.

RE peaked with 3?
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When did Capcom say this? The only one I knew who said this was some catastrophically butthurt editor from some random UK website.

Yeah, I don't think any company would publicly admit to their series being destroyed. and just so TC knows, I wanted DMC to be rebooted. It needed it.

How so?

The series peaked with 3. There wasn't very much room for this series to go anywhere, it would have just been more of the same, which is arguably a good thing for some, but then there wouldn't have been any progression.

look at R.E.

Learning who Nero is and what became of Vergil would have been nice. The game kept hinting and leading up to an answer but it never came. How can you say there was no room for the series to go anywhere? they could have also done something with Sparda. The first game said he died but then 3 said he vanished. Also Mundus was only 2000 years old (source being the DMC1 manual). You can have any number of ancient devils take the spotlight as the new antagonist.

As for gameplay, some new and unique weapons are nice. They could do what Bayonetta did and have all your weapons available to equip but only have 2 or 3 be in your on-the-fly switching inventory. Actually give the development team enough time to finish the game unlike with DMC4. That way we don't have half the game in reverse order or an overabundance of repeated boss fights. DMC3, I thought, did it perfectly: Vergil was fought repeatedly but he was a mian character and he had different weapons each time. All other bosses were fought once normally and then we get a boss rush stage (but we aren't forced to fight ALL of them).

Have a few playable characters for the story like Dante, Nero and Vergil (actually give him some pause combos and expand his move list) and have a few unlockable for s***s and giggles like Trish, maybe Lady, Sparda, and Lucia

There's still stuff to do with the original series if some thought is put into it. They didn't have to take the easy way out and pull the reboot lever just so they can do the origin story again.
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Capcom didn't say this.

It was just some editor for a website who doesn't know what he is talking about.
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Hi. Long time no see. Seems you want to stay puppet to Capcom. Be my guest. :)

First of all, I never even met you.
Second, your username obviously implies you're a Sonic fan.

I know better than to listen to the Sonic fanbase.

And I don't even like Capcom, they've failed to throw out quality content consistently in the past few years.