So this game proves even further that most game journalism is bull**** right?

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pyro_bunta posted...

lol, I don't see any "journalism"; I only see advertisement!

Check out their "Full" review.......
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honestly I always rolled my eyes at the notion, but now... I mean there is basically 10 articles per site that makes a point to bash anyone who disagrees with them and glorify this "masterpiece". So know I just don't know who to trust.
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cyanide_suicide posted...
One glace at Kotaku is all the evidence you need to prove that gaming journalism is a complete and utter joke.

That's more of a blog site though...everyone seems to not treat it like one though.
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Sad, journalism for sale everywhere.

Before the release of the game, they says the "haters" does not make any differences and the game will sell like a hot cake.

Now the game has bombed, it was the "haters" was the cause of the end of the Earth and they are nothing but "video game terrorists".

My local Yellow Pages got more interesting writing than this type of "journalism".
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