Why this game is just as much YOUR fault as NT and Capcom's.

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nah, capcom wanted more sales.
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Taizuku posted...
We are all disgustingly immature. Everyone pretending that each side is free of sin is absurd. You're equally as guilty as anyone else.

We can talk about what Capcom should or shouldn't have done, what Ninja Theory should or shouldn't have done, but the fact can't be ignored that if ALL OF US as a collective fanbase had acted like we had some damn sense, we probably could've fixed some of this game's issues. Capcom would've been more responsive to a fanbase that isn't cursing every time they complain, or calling them Crapcom constantly, or giving death threats, or insulting the people that dislike certain aspects of the game. Perhaps if we had moved and thought more uniformly and civilized, our voices would've been heard.

If all the angry antis had taken the time to write a calm petition, or a letter, short even, instead of arguing and fuming about the game, we could've gotten something done.

Had we conversed without screaming at each other and insulting each other, we'd probably agree and not have to resort to trolling constantly.

This game coming out the way it did is just as much the fan's faults as it is Capcom's.

And what do we get out of this? Sure this game may be dead, at the cost of some people's enjoyment, some actually liked this game and would like to see more, but their opinions don't matter right? It's all about the people ho liked the old ones, or the new ones? See the issue now? No one is pleased with what we have now, and we're all to blame.

TL;DR: Civil behavior gets things done faster than acting like a bunch of 10 year old jackasses.

Let's get clear_: I have zero interest in correcting this game's mistakes. I don't like the game. I'm not interested in making it better for someone. I gave fair chance take voting what exactly about this game is wrong. All pros except for decent few avoided it. I sent it to Capcom. End of story. Get one thing straight: Capcom isn't interested in it's fans. It wants more money for less effort from their side. So in the end it only comes to question, whether somebody likes it or not. I don't like it - I don't buy it - I don't contact devs anymore. I expected from it much more that they've done. Sadly it only proves how incapable NT is. As for you, If I remember right you were one of the first who said he disappointed with this game. I'm to lazy to look for your topic "this game is terrible" . So jumping on defense is a little late for you
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NostalgiaRules posted...
It's really not fair to blame people if this game didn't do well. People voted with their wallet. And some did say that if you don't like DmC, then don't buy it. That's what people did.

this. as simple as that!
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I did not like Dino's appearance and never will but I wanted to like the game. However Tamburger tried to make that as hard as possible for me with his repulsive idea of a story. However gameplay is why I like the series, not story. I see a story once and stop caring about it, gameplay is what keeps me coming back.

That said, the gameplay is dumbed down. I saw it in the demo and I and several other posters had lists upon lists of legitimate gripes about the system. And this is what pros had to say.

- Stop whining
- Stop crying
- Don't judge what you haven't played
- It is only a demo
- Wait until the full game
- Stop whining about the hair.

Pros did on this board what they do on any other forum or any other thing in life. That is, act like irrational, rabid, hivemind idiots. Anyone who wasn't deepthroating this game, Tameem or Capcom was harassed by a swarm of pro drones.

And as the weeks progressed and more info was revealed, pros continued to backpedal and make excuses. Pros had one hope to rely on, the hope that regardless of the game's quality that casuals would lap it up and make it a success. So when the full game was shown with all the flaws of the demo left intact, pros continued their defense brigade. And when the poor first week sales rolled, pros continued to backpedal and make even more excuses.

And now that the reality has set in that this game is going to sell way less than 4 thus rendering its reboot completely pointless. Pros have come full circle into blaming everyone else except those responsible.

All the pros parroted their trademark defense ougi. "Don't like it, don't buy it". A dismissive copout used in every franchise by rabid fan people who don't want to hear any kind of criticism, usually used in confidence that the detractors are a vocal minority who won't affect the franchise's commercial success and generally this is true except this time, the majority of people took your advice and now you have a sodium content that makes the dead sea feel inadequate.

TL:DR - Pros are at fault for being irrational idiots, They ignored and deflected any legit complaints. They mad cuz their love game bombed.
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CAPCOM = Conning All Players Cash Over Morals
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Lol my brain hurts trying to follow all this but in the end it seemed to flopped so is it the end? No but how long before it tones down lol
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1. Capcom and NT didn't care about the long time fans. Fact.
2. They tried to appeal this to the masses, as evident by their first estimate of wanting 5 Million sales. Fact.
3. The masses weren't interested. Fact.

Who's to blame? A bunch of people raging on the Internet, or the people that actually made the game?
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JigokuNoBanken posted...
1. Capcom and NT didn't care about the long time fans. Fact.
2. They tried to appeal this to the masses, as evident by their first estimate of wanting 5 Million sales. Fact.
3. The masses weren't interested. Fact.

Who's to blame? A bunch of people raging on the Internet, or the people that actually made the game?

Going by that logic, the general public is at fault for not being interested, which only sounds slightly more ridiculous than blaming the fans who didn't want the game for not buying it.
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Just another blame game with no clear winner.
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automasophia posted...
Just another blame game with no clear winner.

The winner is pretty clear. It's the people who wanted to see this game fail like it deserved to. You might say, "No, you lose because there might not ever be a DMC game again." And you'd be wrong, since we would rather see the franchise die than be changed into diarrhea from Tameem's mouth.
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